Hey guys,

I've accumulated a few busted longblocks over the years and want to put together a 215. I have a set of 02' castings where all my holes are mint, standard bore as are the mains and rods (this was born a 155). What I want to do is use the 02' castings with an 06' crank and 06' cb shaft and 06' magneto cover and the 215 pistons. This is going into an 04' rxp with 04 ecu, so i'm going to use the 04 style front oil pump w/ separator etc. My wire harness has the proper CPS sensor connector soldered in for the 06 style cps.

I've read the threads on mixing and matching heads and i'm understanding all that. Is there any major changes to the first gen castings that I need to be aware of for this setup to work? Anybody have any other advice/insight into any headaches I might run in to?