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ID:	307396The 4th Round of the IJSBA UWP Hydro-Turf National Tour in Sparks Marina in Nevada proved to be a great weekend! The Jettribe Family was so proud of all of our Team Riders, -- it was a podium weekend for the Jettribe Team! Erminio Iantosca placing 3rd in Pro R/A open, James Bushell sweeping the motos and placing 1st in Pro Run About Open, Brent Venderley placing 3rd in Pro R/A stock, Aero Aswar placing 5th in Pro R/A Stock, Brock Austin having more than just a great weekend: placing 1st in Expert Limited, 2nd in Pro Ski Stock and 3rd in Pro Ski GP, and Charles Anderson taking home more than just a handshake for holding Austin’s boat, but a well-deserved 1st in Aspirated Spec Class.

This weekend the 5th Round of the IJSBA UWP Hydro-Turf National Tour is in Colonial Beach where the town may be small, but the food and warm welcomes are not. There are great local crab shacks that are a must to visit and the beautiful beach that requires a camera to capture and share. This weekend will certainly provide some pronounced racing and unlimited social atmosphere, because we’re expecting no less of our racers this weekend as the Jettribe Team heads out there. Our Team consists of: Aero Aswar, one of our international riders flying in from Indonesia for a shot at the podium spot in Pro R/A Stock. He will be using his boat this weekend which will definitely help him achieve that goal. James Bushell is our second international rider, but this “Duke” of Cambridge is flying all the way from the United Kingdom to once again try to claim his title in the Pro R/A Open Class. Make sure to thank Brent Venderley for driving the Jettribe Rig from Southern Florida to the race site, not only helping to get the trailer there and back safely but to also take home a prize from the podium. Erminio Iantosca comes from the sunny beaches of Florida as well. Taking the VIP route and flying into the race site, he is sure to be well rested for the race that starts on Saturday. Rick Sherker, a stand-up rider, drives from Pennsylvania to complete the Jettribe’s Riding Team. As one of Jettribe’s longest sponsored riders, we’re sure to see some great racing from him this weekend as well.

It sure is a stacked weekend, and to top it off Derek Correll who started off as a sponsored rider is now helping to run the Jettribe booth this weekend. The Jettribe Truck and Trailer will be in Colonial Beach, so if you missed us at the last couple races, be sure to pick up that missing or much needed gear. Here’s to a great weekend in Colonial Beach, VA and to everyone making it to the race site and home safe and sound. Remember to always be safe and to always have fun! Don’t get caught without wearing Jettribe!

~Jettribe PWC News~