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    95 SLT 750 Rebuild

    When re-assembling the engine, can I build it complete and then drop it in or is there a specific order that things need to be put together before and after it's dropped in the hull? I'd like to do as much assembly as possible before dropping it in the hull. Any input greatly appreciated.

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    If I remember right on my SLT,you can install the manifold on the motor, but not the pipe, but you have to place the pipe wrapped around the manifold before you bolt down the motor, The pipe on the motor will not fit in the opening and you can't slip it in after the motor is bolted down.

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    Thanks. Can I install the carbs before dropping?

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    How much of the motor can I install before dropping it in the hull. I would like to install carbs and water rail and bottom part of the exhaust manifold. Then all I have to install after it's in the hull is the large pipe. Will that work? If not I need to know exactly what can be put on the motor before I drop it in and then what can be put on after the install. Thanks in advance for any input.

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