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    Polaris Freedom Fuel Pick up rubber seal dry rotted

    I found that my fuel pick up in my freedom was leaking pressure from an elbow. I bought one off ebay that had never been used and it turns out it is cracked around the top part of the rubber. It seems alot of them that I find have dry rot and cracks. Is there any known option to replace this rubber boot? At this point I'm considering using expoxy to seal the crack in the top part of the boot. Also, should this new fuel pickup have come with a float inside of it? The screw was loosened on the cap on the bottom and there was no float inside. I didn't know if that is something that you have to swap over but it is not listed in the polaris parts diagram. Thanks.

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    Well, you will need the fuel sender float, so steal it from your old sender. Don't lose the little magnet that goes in the float.

    Epoxy on rubber? How bad is the dry rot cracking? Perhaps a good flexible sealant would do the job. Just needs to be tolerant of gasoline.

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    I'll get a pic up here in a sec, I just meant some kind of gasoline resistant sealant for the rubber. I know I need to swap that float over but should it come with a new assembly? Just trying to find out how shady of a sale this was. Thanks.

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    Here is a pic, I just want to make sure this is right but also would love to get this done and get it on the water.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I do not like the look of that!

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    Me neither, and as you can see it has never been clamped into a PWC before. Do you think I should just purchase a different one?

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    Ordered an actual new one, wasn't a good price but hopefully it takes out the struggle of finding one in good condition. New motor, fuel line, fuel pick-up, carb rebuilt. I'm thinking in theory this thing should run for me. I'll go through the jet pump completely in the off season so everything is as it should be. I want to have it fixed up right so me and the family can enjoy it for a few years.

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