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    changing impeller, shaft removal and f^*^$*&^$*k me.... :_(

    ok guys. on the fzs i pulled the prop unit off this afternoon, everything going smooth. pull the unit away, place it on garage floor. throw spanner down the shaft, put shaft tool on, place in the vice, give it a couple of trial cranks to see how hard it's going to be - really not expecting to get it off. man that's on tight. spray the area with wd40 will let soak in preperation for a drying off and heating up tomorrow and giving another go.

    head on over back to the ski. notice the plastic through hull fitting for the speed sensor is a little off angle. twist the top of and notice that the through hull piece with the threads is cracked about half way down. no biggy, will just stuff it full of sealant when i put it all back together. i'm pretty sure that part can't be ordered seperately anyway.

    check the condition of the hose fittings and i'm glad that i'd odered a tonne of spare just for this job. much easier to play around inside the hull (with the exhaust out while i do an upgrade) and in the prop bay area.

    for some reason i look down the shaft hole and f^&%^^*&(^^(*k me i can see some wire or something. it's all loose and just laying on the floor of the shaft tunnel hose. i get a coat hanger and fish it all out. i think they are the remains of circ clips that have rusted and broken?

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    i checked the service manual and there aint no circ clips that are supposed to be anywhere on the shaft or any area exposed to water like that? asfaik any circ clips are housed inside the intermediate house and are all nicely secured behind multiple oil seals and washers. any ideas? i sure as hope to f%&%*%*&k i don't need to get into the coupling/housing? any ideas?

    i pulled open the shaft tunnel (the rubber hose) and completely cleared everything out and can't see anywhere where these should have come from?
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    That might be the wire reinforcement from the rubber hose that you pulled out. If its out go buy a gates reinforced hose to install. The oem will eventually collapse on itself.
    you can PM jim I think it was an 1-5/8" gates yellow strip hose we use for replacement. Its slight larger I.D. but clamped down its fine.
    I could be wrong but that looks like the metal coil of the hose reinforcement was collapsing it was wearing the coil down and breaking apart.

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    ok ok. so the hose tunnel is supposed to have metal reinforcements. it certainly doesn't now. that's probably it. thank you man! saved me a sleepless night.

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