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    New ski not charging!

    recently picked up a 96 SL700 that runs great but left me swimming home. Ive determined that the battery is not charging and have been looking for diagrams and service manuals for this specific ski. The info ive found on testing the alternator coil is telling me look for 20VAC between YELLOW and RED/PURPLE. I can only seem to find a YELLOW/RED and the RED/PURPLE. Am i looking in the right spot or what? Any help would be appreciated.

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    K447 helped me out big time with the same problem. Here is a link to his thread to test out your charging system

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    From what I can find I have the updated cdi part # 4010449 so I assume I have the updated coil and stator? If so are the wire colors the same? And the values the same?

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    Wire colors are the same, ohm values are different. You need to use specs from a 2000 model year or later.

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    okay that makes sense. If that stator needs replacing what part number do need to work with the update kit?

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