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    02 Virage I 800 Di, no spark, no fuel pump running

    Hello all, So I have an 02 Virage I 800 di, was running shut off to put on life vest, no start. Checked spark plugs and had no spark, also no fuel pump running at any time.

    Checked coil, no power coming to it,
    checked Crank sensor, all test good,
    checked resistance and voltage on all stator wires, checks out,
    disconected start/stop module, no diff
    checked 8 pin connector on EMM all grounds are good, but no voltage on white/red wires,
    also checked tps and no voltage coming to it on red wire. Checked all wires at EMM plug and no breaks, etc.
    bypassed lanyard on handle bar, no diff.

    Am I looking at another EMM repair or am I missing something ? 2 years ago I had DMI repair the EMM, do to constant backfiring while trying to start, at that time I also replaced new stator, starter drive, and updated flywheel. Any inpute please help.

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    I think there are fuses located in a wire harness somewhere. Check there.

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    did you check the status of the diagnostic plug connector?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    I think there are fuses located in a wire harness somewhere. Check there.
    That's the thing, I looked everywhere and only found 2 fuses, both are fine. They were only a 3 and 5 amp if I remember correctly, I would have though that there is some larger fuses somewhere. All I found on the entire thing was 2 small fuses and the reset button right beside the battery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmpeter View Post
    did you check the status of the diagnostic plug connector?
    Where would I find the connector what does it look like, and what would I look for? Thanks

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    Black 4 pin square connector right by the EMM, may need to dig a bit for it. One half of the connector has 4 wires, the other mating half has only one wire looped back to the same harness.

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    So I found the diagnostic connector, it has the black is grounded good, the white/red wire has .005 Volts when
    cranking, shouldn't it be more like 45 V. What would this indicate. Also could it be a problem with that big popcan looking thing I think is a type of capacator with the wires coming out of it that attaches to the EMM bracket. I really need to get this thing fixed, thanks for the help guys.
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    Can anyone confirm that there are more than 2 fuses on this entire ski, I found 1 3amp bildge fuse and 1 2amp fuse right by the bildge one. Is it possible that the EMM is not being told that the engine is cranking over, thus not allowing spark and not causing fuelpump to run, like the input into EMM from CPS sensor or ???? I have checked, checked, and rechecked everything.

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    If you aren't getting any voltage on the white/red wire (measured anywhere on the white/red to ground) while cranking then more than likely there is an issue with the power board in the EMM. Odds are it'll need to go back to DFI to be repaired.

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