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    1999 Kawasaki Ultra 150 - Pisser Question

    Hello, I am new to this Forum. I just want to say this Forum is very informative and I appreciate any information you can provide to help me out. I have a 1999 Kawasaki Ultra 150, only 90 hrs on original engine (2nd owner). I recently experienced some power loss issues on the lake during the last time I had it out. It was running great all day (running for approx. 2hrs) until I decided to take it in for the last run. I noticed when I was taking it back to the marina that it was bogging down at 40 mph, loosing power immediately. I was able to get it back to the marina under its own power, however I could not exceed 40mph. When I got home I decided to check the spark plugs, and I noticed they were very oily and black, looks like it was flooded. Also the spark plugs were not what the manufacturer recommended for the ski. They were NGK BR8ES, the engine info plate suggest using NGK R6918C-9. So needless to say I decided to buy the expensive plugs to see if that took care of the problem (have not tested it yet). Since I had the spark plugs out I decided to test the compression, each cylinder checked great at 120psi. Then I decided to flush the cooling system, the question to this thread was when I did a coolant flush I noticed that the very left pisser (looking at the pump) did not have any water coming out. There are 4 pisser above the pump, I am referring to the one on the very left. All the other pissers were draining at a good rate, except for the one on the LHS of the hull ( I believe that is the drain for the front of the hull) and the one that I am referring to above the pump on the LHS. So I looked under the seat inside the back of the hull where the hoses are routed to, and noticed that there was not a hose hooked to it, or any loose hoses that would hook to it. Is this drain that I am referring to supposed to have a hose/line hooked to it, and if so, where would it be coming from. I appreciate any help, thanks.
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    Welcome aboard, Tim!

    I didn't realize that there were 4 outlets there. Are you sure?

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    Hello Steve45, yes there are 4 outlets above the pump. I noticed you have an ultra 150, could you check yours out to see if there is a line connected to the outlet on the far left above the pump (as your looking at the pump from the back of the ski). I looked inside the hull towards the back above the pump and could not find a line going to it. I will post some pics of it soon.

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    Here are some pictures, let me know what you think.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    My 'Ski is at the lake, 100 miles away.

    I think that may be a drain hole for a battery vent hose. If you have a sealed battery, you don't need it, but should plug it to keep water out. Nothing in the parts diagram about it that I can find.

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    Thanks Steve, let me know how yours is set up next time your at the lake. I appreciate your time and knowledge of this subject.

    Thanks again.

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