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    2008 RXP 215 vs 2013 RXP-X 260

    Just took my RXP 215 in for the 100hr supercharger rebuild and I might have an opportunity to sell it for a good price to put towards a new 2013 RXP-X but I just want to know based on my type of riding what I could expect from it compared to my 08 and if I might in fact not really like it at all.

    My type of riding consists of-

    -Mainly calm river with some lake riding.
    -Corner carving on glass... love carving corners aggressively to get wet or throwing it sideways to throw a wall of water up to get soaked, lol.
    -Spin outs/180s.... Yes I learned out to trim up all the way to make the back end break loose easily without pitching you off the ski to do fast 180's (I do this to jump my own wake). I'm worried that the 2013 might have too much traction to do this?
    -I like making a good wake and jumping it (trim up all the way, glad I didn't get the VXR with no trim)... the new 260 will just have more jumping out of the water power?

    Is the power difference very noticeable? Can anyone who has good experience on both chime in? Should I just get my S/C rebuilt and enjoy what I have? Or if the 08 blew my mind (albeit coming from a 94 VXR and then a shoddy 2001 GPR that kept blowing up and no out of the hole power like the 4 stroke RXP) will the 2013 blow my mind again? Or does the 13 have too different of a ride and might not be good for me? I have no complaints with my 08 RXP but on the other hand you don't know better until you experience it. Thanks.

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    It sounds like the T3 hull is right up your alley. I'm not sure the speed area it will so much blow your mind. These supercharged skis have been fast for a long time now. It should be quicker then what you got.

    New T3 hull will turn circles around your current hull at speeds you never thought possible.

    You can adjust the sponsons to let the rear end slide more or hook up more. I've found the middle setting to be just fine for my recreational riding. Race setting gives you scary hook up around the turns. Freeride setting really lets the back in spin out.

    I think you'll be impressed with the new RXP-X but at the same time I'd try to get some riding time on one also. It's a lot of money to shovel out so do what you can to make the right choice.

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    But try one out before buying. alot of money for a brand new.

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