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    2000 Virage Electrical gremlins?


    I have been struggling with my 2000 Virage 700. It first started out as loosing spark which after replacing the CDI with a used one p/n 4010558, couldn't find a new one anywhere, and a new stator. The CDI I got was from a complete ebox, but it had a different wiring harness so I swapped components, when I put in the CDI I also swapped the board that has the fuses and terminals on it as it was different from the original in the ski. Seemed to work fine, got about a hour of run time on it and when I went to start it up again, there was nothing happening when I hit the start button, also it had been shut off a started many times during the hour of operation that I did get out of it. If I removed the tether it would turn over. I then replaced the LR505 component after doing a search here regarding the not turning over issue, it now starts and runs, but I am a little gun shy on wanting to run it much as I am concerned that something is taking out the electronics on this machine. Does anybody have any ideas on what to check for on this machine or do I run it and hope for the best.

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    I say go ahead and run it. Thats the only way you will know its fixed. Just to be safe, look over all of your electrical connections and wire harnesses and make sure nothing is rubbed through or shorting anywhere. If it all checks out, you should be good to go.

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    Update - took it out today and rode for about 10 minutes, came back to the lift and shut it off, then tried to restart it and it will not turn over. It will turn over with the tether removed, but that is it. I have a question about what voltage reading is normal to see in the display, I noticed it got as high as 15.9 volts at times. Is there a regulator that should keep the voltage in check or is that what the LR component does? I assume that I will need to get another LR for it, but need to know what to look at before ruining another one.

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