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    Seadoo XP limited parts needed help?

    Where is the best place to find parts. I live in Mi. Im having a hard time finding the right parts. What i need this time is a Moulding Rod # 271000758 and also the Ball joint #277000153. This is the rods that work the power trim up and down. From what i see is the Moulding Rod has been upgraded by seadoo from 5mm to a 6mm bolt. Not sure what the upgrade ball joint is. I need the 6mm ball joint. Where can i get them and how do i know if it the right one?
    Any help would be great!

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    That rod should be about 10-15 bucks if I remember correctly, just about all online sites that sell seaddoo parts, sell them at list price. I would call your local dealer and see what their price is. Sometimes I get better pricing by just picking up the phone and talking with someone, usually they have it in stock, so it works out.

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