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    Crank balancing, worth it? What ur thoughts?

    Hey guys, fixing to freshen up a 1200 non pv, for a conversion. I would like to gain all the additional hp possible. I'm going to have the crank rebuilt and trued and welded, but have been considering balancing. Is it worth the added $? Its an fairly expensive add on and would like to hear some thoughts before possibly wasting some $. Please share your thoughts and experience. Thanks

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    I dont think you will gain much. I don't think I have seen a balanced crank for a 2 stoke on here yet. If you page through some of the more serious build threads(Stroker/Triple pipes) most have just a T&W crank and some have an upgraded crank snout bearing. Maybe in the GPR hey day when people used to race them in the early 2000's I'm sure some ran balanced cranks in unlimited classes, but I have not seen anything recently.

    That said I say save your money on the balancing, but if you are going to beat on it a a lot especially in the chop a T&W crank will definitely be a good option.

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    who is rebuilding your crank?

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    I was considering crank works, but thought I would look around a little more and see if there were more options, got any contacts?

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    As long as you use quality parts on the rebuild I don't think I would pay to balance it

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