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    2013 RXP-X 260 towed back to shore.......

    Took my NEW 2013 RXP-X 260 out yesterday to put some hours on it. Only has 4. Rode it around a bit and stopped at Beer Can island in Tampa Bay to take a break. When ready to leave the SD wont start. Called the dealer and they were not able to help. Was hoping "I" was doing something wrong. I was told to tow it back and DO NOT GO OVER 5 mph. After 1.5 hours we make it back to the boat ramp. Took the SD right over to the dealer. After the service manager messed around with it for a bit, it started. The problem from what was explained to me is the computer is suppose to default to neutral to start, but the computer is defaulting to reverse and not letting the SD start. Not sure if I like all this computerized BS on the new ski's. Anybody else have this happen to their SD?

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    Mine did it once at around 7-8 hrs. Did not have to tow it in. Waited a minute. Plugged the key back in, it started as normal and has never done it since.

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    That sucks... there's no close ramp to Beer Can Island!

    What dealer did you take it to?

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    This whole key process to start these new skis isn't for someone with a buzz.

    Are you sure that wasn't the problem when you were leaving BEER CAN ISLAND???


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    if the battery was not charged properly during prep it could cause problems down the road

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