Okay, I'm a newbie and just purchased a couple used low hour waverunners this past week, an 04 800 XLT and an 04 FX Cruiser HO. Took them both out with the family today for there first real thrashing (the waverunners not the family). We are lake riders and the conditions on the lake were not the best. There was a considerable amount of weekend boat traffic along with a front coming through kicking up the wind.

I started out on the FX HO with my daughter and I was thinking to myself, "wow it is rough out here I don't know how long I want to do this". After about 30 min my daughter and I swapped over to the 800 XLT to give it a try. Immediately I noticed that the 800 XLT was a much more stable and less punishing ride in the rough water. I was actually expecting just the opposite thinking the bigger heavier FX HO would provide the better ride under today's conditions. Both skis had the QSTS set on "N". I got back on the FX HO and started adjusting the QSTS setting the bow down on the first notch up from "N". This helped some so I went to the 2nd notch bow down above "N" and it help more but the FX HO ride never got to the same level as the 800 XLT and its QSTS was set in "N". I could not even imagine riding the FX HO in ocean waves and from what I understand this was a highly used rental model at the beach.

Am I missing something or are there handling improvements I can do? I would appreciate any thoughts or opinions.