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    Looking into upgrading

    I'm lookin into upgrading. I'm planning on getting my current ski up for sale in the next couple weeks. I'm pretty sure I want to upgrade to a yamaha. I've heard they are the most reliable and that's what I'm lookin for!

    My thing is is I don't know exactly what I want to upgrade to. I don't know what year or model I should look at. I'm lookin for something that's fairly new, fast, 3 seater, stable and reliable. Target price range is probably around $6-7000. Maybe a little more depending.

    I also don't know whether to buy now or wait until September/oct. I also don't know whether to buy new or Craigslist. I understand new is much more but if its really worth it than buying used than I will definitely consider it

    I found this ski on Craigslist:

    Idk anything about that model and year but that would be what I'm lookin for

    I know there's a lot of guests on this site so if you want to help me, you can email me at [email protected]

    Any help is appreciated thanks!

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    I'm fairly new to skis, so take from it what you will. I have a vx-r which, as far as I know, the only difference is the seat and the motor. I know the hull is the same. Anyway, it seems to be a great platform so far. I'm a big guy ~300 lbs and I feel pretty stable standing up on this thing and casting. As far as versus other skis? No clue, these are the first skis I've owned and ridden.

    Good luck man!

    Also, having 38 hours on it is nice. Some would venture to say it was just broken in.

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