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    Gtx is 215 is f-ing awesome!

    Finally hit the 5 hour release today. I love this machine. Very nimble, clickable in the chop, can turn predictably and even if you catch a wave while doing hitch speed turns will respond well to your corrections. I also got tossed once but the craft took my corrective input and steadied back to the turn.

    i also towed in another seadoo that was stranded just off the loading dock, and later a full sized boat that needed towing to the ramp. Felt like nothing was there.

    Cant wait to get even more comfortable with more aggressive rising so I can really have fun and make use of some good sponsons. Why I waited so long to get my first one, I have no idea. I missed out on a lot of ride time and fun. Love this!

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    Yep your addicted...

    Rip on....

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    lol...good times. I have to ditto what wotxxxsd always on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wotxxxsd View Post
    Yep your addicted...

    Rip on....
    mee tooo :yay2:

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