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    900 STX Rebuild Help!

    I am putting a new top end in a 97 900 stx. I have removed the cylinders and found the middle one to be burned up with a hole in it. the other two were fine. I did not pull the engine. has anyone else done it with the block still in the ski??? i am getting the cylinder honed and then putting in 3 new oversized pistons. I am also blocking off the oil pump. What do I need to watch out for putting it back together this way? the crank seals are not leaking so i was not going to replace them, some input would be appreciated since I have no service manual thanks!

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    First off, you definitely need a service manual. You can buy a download and the cd on ebay for less than 10 bucks. The paper manual is helpful to have but usually costs around 30.

    The service manual will give you a lot of must needed info along with the torque specifications, use them with a good torque wrench.

    When you say the cranks seals are not leaking...did you pressure test the motor before dis-assembly? If not then you really don't know.

    You need to figure out what took out the piston. If that is not corrected, it will just do the same thing over and over again.
    My guess would be either an oil line came off or else the carb leaned out.

    It's a 1997 model, that means it's 16 years old. Replace the crank seals (highly suggest OEM, not aftermarket), rebuild the carbs or have them rebuilt (John Zigler @, replace all fuel line along with fuel filter.

    The ethanol mix in gas eats the old gas lines up on the inside and grows slime in them along with the inside of the carbs. Clean out the pickup tube filter/screens in gas tank, along with the layer of old gas 'syrup' in the bottom of the gas tank.

    Check everything over, again it's 16 years old.
    Skip some of the things I mentioned and just do the bare minimum...and your engine will do the same as all the rest...lean out and fry!!!

    If you're taking my advice, then you definitely need to pull the motor to replace the crank seals.
    I would have pulled it anyway, even to do a top-end only.

    Read read read, there's an ocean of good info on this forum already, do your research.

    The better and more detailed your questions are, the more detailed the answers will be.

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