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    1994 SL750 motor revs without additional forward thrust.

    I had a weird issue on the water this weekend. I got off the trailer just fine, made a loop back to the dock, and then parked the car. Once back on the water, the ski moved forward just fine at idle, but when I got on the throttle, the motor revved, the RPMS increased, but no thrust from the impeller. It's like the clutch was slipping, except there is no clutch right? Weird.

    So I idled back to the dock, shut her down, and checked for debris in the impeller and intake screen. Nothing. So I fired her up to take her out of the water, and she jumped up to plane just fine and ran the rest of the day just fine.

    What gives?

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    Could have had something blocking the pump that worked its way free. Tough to diagnose intermittent problems like that. You can pull the jet pump and inspect the splines to make sure they aren't worn or damaged as a preventative measure...

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    If the engine coupler is not failing, it could be a missing bumper on the driveshaft, allowing it to slide forward and the splines not make contact.

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    I redid all of the bearings on the driveshaft last year, and inspected everything. I didn't see anything out of place or worn, but I will check the bumper. Sliding forward makes sense.

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