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Thread: 09 FZS Fuel

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    09 FZS Fuel

    Hi all,
    I just bought a 09 FZS that had 18 hours on it. I've put about 4 hours on it so far and seems that one tank of gas is good for about 2 hours, is this normal for everyone else is seeing?

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    Depends on speed.
    You can't really judge fuel use by time without relating it to speed.

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    That's pretty bad unless you were pretty much full throttle 95% of the time.

    I put alot of abuse and it last me 5+ hours. And that's not even killing the tank. I stay with 1 bar

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    This ski is a gas pig is you are on boost. I've gone through a tank in less than 2 hours doing full throttle runs up and down the river. If you cruise its much more reasonable.

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    if you want better gas milage stay out of boost,use the cruise control as often as possible and get a reflashed ecu.i use to go out with friends and be on empty while they still had 3/4 tank left with a reflashed ecu and wayy more horsepower.youd be amazed at the difference.

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    no cruise on a FZ

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    the fuel capacity is rated on how much fuel it uses in one hour at WOT, a tank in two hours is about right if your playing around and running it hard half the time

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    Thanks everyone, and yes for the most part I was WOT for 90% of the time.

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    Hahaha, yeah, DEF going to hard on it. The non supercharged version of this ski is a lot better at being fuel efficient. That ski can ride over 100 miles on a tank of gas if driven right. Or it could go 10 miles at WOT and suck a tank dry. Also remember, that when the ski beeps for fuel, you still have quite a bit left over. Next time the ski beeps LOW FUEL, check to see how much you add. Fairly certain they have a 18.5 gallon tank. I pulled out of my rental the other day and Eleanor(SHO) beeped just as i pushed it off the dock for low fuel. I was very easy on the gas and spent a good 4-5 hours of spearfishing, drove out to the reef ran all around and still make it back with 4 gallons left int the ski. Its all how you drive it.

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