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    Verifying Hours on engine of used Speedster 150

    I am thinking of buying a used 2006 Speedster 150 with a 215Hp motor. The boat runs nice and is in great shpae, but i want to verify the hours on the boat. The current owner says there is less than 80 hours on it, but there is no hour meter. How can i check this??

    I would like to buy a unit that i can plug into any Seadoo (including this one) and verify some of the systems / check / hours

    Anyone have any suggestions on what to buy....type / model number??


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    see your thread on your DI..same deal.

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    I have a 06 sportster 215hp, and the dealer is the only place I've found to have the computer hour meter read. I did this, and then installed a Tiny Tach in the engine compartment. I dont need the Tach feature, but it also has a very accurate hour meter, so now I can keep track of the hours actually run. It's a simple install; just mount it in an easy to read but out of the way place, and wrap the lead wire 6 to 8 times around your number one plug wire. Done deal. I has a non-replaceable battery but works for 5+ years. I ordered mine direct from the manufacturer to ensure a fresh battery charge.
    Hope this helps, Steve

    I also use one on my 25hp yamaha outboard, to set the best prop pitch for my boat load...

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    I went on and bought the candoo pro and im amazed at everything it will do including reading the hours to boot

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