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    Motor Won't Turn Over - Whining from Electrical Box

    I was able to free my pump and the engine will turn by hand. I did a bit of research and am wondering if this could be the starter solenoid or if the starter itself is bad. Is there any way to diagnose one way or the other? Or does anyone have other suggestions as to what could be bad? I was also wondering if maybe I am missing something that I need to do in order to start the ski - I can't get the gauge up front to work either.

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    If its making a whining noise it sounds like your solinoed is trying to work. Try these steps

    1. First check your battery even though you have 12 volts it does not mean the battery is good. If it does not have the proper Cranking Amps it will never turn the motor. If you have a battery tester that has a load option then that will tell you alot. Or take it to any parts store and they can tell you.
    2. Take a volt meter and test your voltage coming from the battery to the solinoid you should have 12 volts (considering the battery is good). Trace the wire from the battery to the solinoed it should have a constant 12v. Then check the other side of the solinoed with the meter by holding in the starter button, you should see 12volts there if the solinod is good. Some people like to cross out the solinod but i prefer not to as to many bad things can happen. Also check your grounds while you are in there.
    3. I have a feeling that #1 option is your issue, but if the first 2 does not solve the problem then you can either pull the starter and bench test it or test it while its on the ski. To bench test just put 12v power to the post and ground some where on the starter it should spin very quickly if its good.

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    I actually have 2 batteries, one from another ski and put both in and tried - both did the same thing. So are you saying the solenoid could be bad or that if the battery is good that it is more likely the starter? Going to check it out with the multimeter tonight. Looks like I have to remove the exhaust system to get at the starter so hoping I don't have to go that far...

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    It sounds like the solinod is good from what you say. Mostly likely when they go bad they will make a clicking sound. You can remove the starter without taking off the exhaust its a little bit of a pain but it can be done I have did it several times. 2 12MM (SOCKET SIZE) bolts and wiggle it out. Also check your ground from the Front Cover up to the head.

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