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    02 STX 1100 DI >> EMM Testing , Mapping, Coolant Flow Direction

    Hi, New to forums found lot's of helpful info. Just purchased 3 fresh water Kaw STX 1100s. 4th trip out one came back on the hook.

    I ran them first 2 trips out about 1/2 throttle after new plugs, new batteries and fresh gas to get the cob webs out. All ran good so 3rd trip I checked top end on all which was about 54mph. They all ran good with no problems. The next day was the 4th trip out. Boat traffic was heavy with about a 3-5ft chop. Lake Ozark Mo (Banzai Pipeline in a bathtub).

    After 10min out while the 02 DI was idling it died. Starter cranks strong but dash shows "Bat" indicator, the battery symbol and warning light during cranking.

    I have over 11 vdc at battery and 29 vdc at fuel injector during crank. I pulled stator inspection plug and it has semi dried grease but no oil dripping. Volts at fuel injector tells me stator is probably good.

    After I got it home found kadiag and factory cable with an old win98 os.

    The software stops at "having trouble communicating" check key switch on, check battery selector on, battery cable, battery charged, fuses, comm cable. I have all cables tight battery switch on and kill switch key attatched. So this also points to EMM fault with wrong errors codes on dash I would say.

    The service manual has a test procedure for the EMM. So after kadiag connect problem I checked terminal 27pin (40 pin grd) to bat - and have continuity. I checked engine to bat - and have continuity. I then powered the EMM with a jumper (r/w to r/bl) at the kadiag harness connector. Spec is 6v key on I have 12+ volts. Manual says replace EMM open circuit. Is this correct ??? Is this an accurate test for the EMM ??? I have no corrosion on any EMM connector pins.

    Injector Mapping

    If the EMM will not communicate to retrieve injector mapping through kadiag is there any other software that has manual mapping capabilities ??? I can then scan the 2d codes from the injectors and manually map the new EMM. Does DFI have the software to manually map the injectors to a new EMM if the old EMM is toast ???

    Overheating EMM

    I checked for plugged cooling hoses by blowing through both hoses from where they connect to the EMM. It took little lung pressure to move air and whatever water was left through those hoses back to the engine with no pressure building. You can blow freely through both hoses with air bubble noises coming from the stator housing etc.

    I plan to do the 2nd pisser mod while I have the EMM out. Which direction does the water flow ??? From the stator hose to the EMM or from the other hose exhaust to EMM. My guess is hopefully from the stator. If so I plan to tap in to the EMM/exhaust hose after water flows through EMM to get an accurate check and run a pisser hose out the left side of hull. How's that sound ??? Will that reduce the flow/pressure to the EMM ???

    My diagnosis so far is EMM fault non-heat related any other ideas ??
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    Given that there is a voltage sending unit in the EMM itself, it could be there. I chased similar problems all summer. Dash would not stay on, ski would not run right. Ski would not idle. Fortunately for you, you have multiple skis. Take the 4 10mm bolts off just below the center console, use the 10mm to remove the rubber grommets from the tray underneath that holds the EMM. Disconnect the pisser and swap EMMs from one of your skis. If your problem now exists on the other ski, you know it's the EMM.

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    P.S. Everyone and their mother that sees the DI on the water laughs at me and says "what a POS...have fun fixing it." It's not that bad. If you make the DIAG cable and have the software, you have more than most people in the U.S. to work on it. They're not bad skis. They're faster than a 12F which would have pissed me off big time had I traded in a 2002 DI for a 12F. If it is the EMM, call Harris at

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