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    Help with a 97 SL900 - Won't accelerate

    I have 97 SL900 that I picked up a few months ago. I dropped it in the water for the first time and it was breaking up a bit and bogging. So I changed the plugs, changed out the old fuel lines, checked the carbs, dropped it back in the water and it ran great and almost got it up to 60, with the exception of an occasional hesitation if I punched it out of the hole. Then something happened, and I can't figure out what went wrong.

    It ran low on gas at one point and I was thinking that it became stuck in limp mode. But after reading through almost every post on this forum, I've come to find out that there is no limp mode on the 97.

    So here's what its doing now. It fires right up and idles perfect in and out of the water. When you go to accelerate it seems like its misfiring and breaks up. There's spark in all three cylinders, but the plugs look a little wet. Found some write ups on here for checking the stator and coils and went through that whole process and everything checked out all right. The compression is at 120 psi across all the cylinders. I checked all the wires, all the grounds, the voltage on the battery is fine on the bench, and while cranking. I checked to see if each individual cylinder could start and run the ski. The middle cylinder fires right up and runs the ski, where as the front, and back cylinders I need to choke to get them to start up.

    So if anyone has any advice or some insight what else I can check, change or what not to get this thing running, I'd appreciate it. I just rebuilt a 95 SLX780 and the thing rips around and I want to get this 900 going as well. Thanks for anything you come up with.

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    Original or updated ignition? Could be a failing stator.

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