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    Pealing hull with Crack. Pics.

    Just bought this 1997 ZXI 1100 from a friend. I can't tell if the damage on the hull is from a bad glass job or just the cloth pealing off. There appears to be a crack as well. There is no leaking in the engine compartment but I am assuming that it is a double hull. Epoxy it, glass it, or leave it?

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    I had some smaller notches in the front of my hull too, looks like someone tied it off too close to some rocks. I would, and did, mix up some resin to cover the damaged area, then sand and shoot some paint on it.

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    That is what I thought when i saw it.. It does not look like a major impact. It looks like consistent rubbing and then over time the force of water has enlarged the scar. It is like the gelcoat has slowly been chipped away. I was hoping someone would look at the picture and let me know if this is common. Since it is not structural (i think) i figured epoxy/resin would work.

    Davidr, what type of resin did you use? IS there even paint that would last or should it be a colored gelcoat?

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    Make sure you sand down to something solid the epoxy...I use marine-tex and over build it up then get a mask a case of beer an sand and sand then if you want gloss paint and clear coat

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    I was just looking at the Marine Tex and searched the forum to find that most people are raving about it. I was wondering If it is sticky enough to use upside down while on the trailer. I would probably have to buy a pint of it or more.. hopefully it goes a long way.

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    Not too bad, but I'd let a pro fix it. They can make it look brand new, not patched. You're probably looking at $250 depending on your area.

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    I scratched my hull today and it looks like this ...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What should I use to fix it? Its a kawasaki ultra 250x 2008. Gelcoat filler? Epoxy?

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