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    coolant bottle empty after ride '05 RXT (68 hrs)

    rode the RXT for the second time this summer - winterized before the season, new plugs, new oil last week and off into the water i was. I only got it last year at 55 hrs.
    Rode great, nice power. The gas ran low so i called it a day. Towards the end of the tank it was taking longer to start. As long as 15 secs of cranking. This never happened before. Didnt think much of it, maybe reason was low on gas? Started and ran ok was not going too hard back to the ramp since i knew it was low on gas.
    After i got it back to the trailer started it and ran it for a few seconds and pulled the seat just to look inside. I discovered the coolant bottle was empty and coolant was visible over the throttle body. It had leaked out as if the ski overheated?
    It might have, since i did have a couple friends ride it (newbies) - one of them did mention that power was low momentarily but wasnt sure - i am guessing overheat is what happened? either way, i assume something is seriously wrong otherwise cooolant wouldnt have leaked in such a way.
    How should i proceed from here?
    Also there was quite a bit of water inside but i dont think the two are related? Not even sure which issue is more serious...
    thx for any suggestions ve been doing a bit of reading and it seems that putting 3 in of water into the hull and checking the outside to find the leak is the way to go?
    also look like pressure test is the way to go for the coolant leak? the only thing is if it overheated and did it then this would not show me the cause of the overheat. sorry for the long post

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    head gasket, fill it up and attach a bottle to the overflow hose and see if it fills it up while riding. I was in denial over mine, finally changed it out and now it doesn't lose a drop.

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    is there a good how to for the head gasket procedure?

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    not sure but it is incredibly easy. Just make sure you pick up your new rocker arm and head bolts first as they can't be reused. It takes about an hour to pull the head off and an hour to put it back on.

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    wow, that is fast. I did a couple of head gaskets on my cars in the past few years sounds like this is a lot less involving.
    So parts needed are:
    head gasket, rocker arm, head bolt set.
    Best place to get them?
    i saw a post where folks talk about ARP studs, sounds like that is the better option?

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    Go arp

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    whats a rocker arm? is it the for the valves that cant be right, i must have it wrong.
    just getting into 4 strokes and already i m seeing dollars add up quite quick.... er.

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