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    95/96 Kawasaki sts 750 one day ride/ need help with spark problem

    Hey guys so I made a trade for two jet-skis a 97 seadoo gti and a 96 kawi sts. When I made the trade both skis were not running but I know my way around jetskis enough as well as various 2 and 4 stroke motors, I replaced plugs,wires,caps, and cleaned both carbs. When I put the skis in the water the both ran the seadoo has been running all summer so far with a couple of small hiccups, ( I will post a thread here soon). However the STS has not run so well the first day I put her in the water I was able to back her off the trailer, turn around idle out to the buoys (1-2 mins) and the pull the throttle to (wot). The ski will pick up and run at what feels like 3/4 throttle, I can run her for about 2-5 mins before she sputters and looses all spark. I did replace the wires on the STS but not the full ignition coil ( I managed to remove the old plug wires from the ignition coil). Would this be a possible reason that my spark fails? I did notice on my seadoo that there was no adhesive holding the stock 96 wires in, but when I checked the kawasaki ignition coil there was an adhesive holding the spark plug wires in. I have not been able to check the power flow from the stater due to the fact that I've been looking for a free shop-manual online ( if anyone has one I would appreciate it). I have only been able to take the Kawasaki out twice and then I lose spark I have checked the stop switch wires for corrosion and haven't found any. Also if anyone had knowledge on the electric trim the 96 Kawasaki sts has I would appreciate it but mine doesn't work Im assuming its a short how ever the fuse in the rear fuse box hasn't blown. All and any information or resources is appreciated thank you all.

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    The motor in the electric trim is likely corroded. Water can get into the case if the O-ring isn't installed correctly. It can also work it's way up the trim cable if it doesn't have a bellows-style seal on the end of the cable.

    It's sometimes possible to fix these things if you're patient and the damage isn't too severe. If you buy one on Ebay, make sure they post pics with the cover removed showing that there's no corrosion inside the box.

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