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    need cdi for 01 polaris virage tx

    Im looking for a non working CDI for a 01 polaris virage tx 1200 carbed. I want to try and take one apart and fix it.

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    I will send you my CDI from an updated style 1996 SLTX 1050 and if you manage to fix it, I will pay you for it because right now its worthless to me. It got water in it and was toasted. Could be a good practice opportunity. Let me know if you are interested?

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    I repaired one of mine but it had not got water in it so im not sure how big a task that would be. My other one has a broken spot on the board that I cant figure out how to repair there is so much other stuff around it.

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    Well somehow this one actually got water into it. I also have an old style CDI that may need some attention if you would be interested in that. Its in great shape but I havent tested it yet and am afraid it is bad. Its the 4060137 older one but I could send you that one too if you think you could do it?

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    want to elaborate on how you fixed the one??

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