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    2001 Virage TXI missing out at low speeds

    2 years ago the display on my TXI went out. Took it to the dealer who replaced the EEM. Several week laters it died and would not start, again took it to the dealer and was told the fuel pum went out. Had them rebuild the fuel pump. Every since then at low speed the engine misses out. When I get it to the higher speeds 20 mph and above it runs just fine. Could it be the fuel pump? Also have oil in the bilges every since pump rebuilt.

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    Make sure the correct spark plugs are installed. Must be NGK PZFR6H spark plugs, no substitutes.

    Fuel pressure can be checked using a fuel pressure gauge on the schrader tee in the return fuel hose.

    Oil leaks, check the rubber plug that is the top of the oil sender in the oil tank (has a wire connection coming out the top of the rubber fitting). Make sure it is fully seated in the tank neck and properly sealing. Sometimes these fittings work loose and need a narrow band hose clamp to tighten the tank plastic around the sender.

    Also make sure the small vent hose fitting is snugly attached to the top of the oil tank.

    If both of these are not the source of the oil leaks, check all the oil hose ends for loose clamps. There is an 'air bubble bleed screw' located on the actual oil pump. It is intended to be loosened to allow air bubbles to purge from the oil supply hose, then the bleed screw must be snugged tight to prevent oil from seeping out.

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