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    42mm keihin on 97 701?

    Picked up an old 650sx kaw for parts. It has a blue 42mm keihin on it. Wondering if it would work good on my yamaha with the proper jetting of course. If it will work what would be good base jetting to start with. Ski has single carb on it now and is stock. If it isn't a good fit for it the carb will be for sale. Thanks

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    It would probably work fine if you can get it tuned properly. You may have a problem with bolting the carb to your manifold though. Or do you have one of those single carb kits that adapts a kawi 650 manifold to fit on the Yamaha engine?

    I used to have several 650sx kawis and ran both the 42 keihin and 44 Mikunis on them. The performance seemed very similar between the two.

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    A stock single carb 701 has a mikuni 44 on it which is a much superior carb. Dont replace it for a keihin.

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    OK thanks for the input.

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