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    Intercooler rxt 215 Little franchi

    Hello has all,

    I return at the moment of a mechanical weekend and jetski

    I have a rxt 215 2006

    I made a little of mechanics:
    - Removal of the compressor and the assembly(editing) of a compressor of rxtx
    - Kit injectors 42 rxtx
    - Intercooler extern(day pupil)
    - Kit admission
    - Box with air(sight) emptied with shutter of the intercooler of origin riveted
    - Taken(brought) out back escape
    - Draining
    - 3 new candles

    He(It) walks(works) hardly!


    On the other hand candles are always so white...

    Where from it can come?

    Finally I would have a question: the intercooler which I went(took) up is a car part commanded(ordered) in the USA.

    The entrance(entry) of water is behind the intercooler and the exit(release) on the front side air outlet. That's it?

    The entrance(entry) of water is at the level of the turbine and the exit(release) under the jar forward to the jet? Exact?

    It is exact?

    thanks a lot


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    the water can go through ether way
    just copy the stock water routing
    sorry your translations are hard to understand

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    I try to make simple.

    1-what is that somebody can confirm that:
    - The exit(release) of water of the external intercooler is under the muffler
    - The entrance(entry) of water is situated on the back of the jet

    2-it is normal that the water stays in pipes of the intercooler?

    Forgiveness for my bad language

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    A lot of views, not reply.... : Smt100

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    try google translate... it might make it easier for us to understand you.

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