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    Trouble with 150 weber motor in a hydrospace

    I know you guys are Polaris riders but thought maybe you could help me figure out what is going on. here's my sob story. 3 weeks ago I brought the ski in to my shop for a leak in the hull, ski was running no problem. fixed the leak, it sat for 3 weeks, battery went dead, charged the battery, tried to start the ski, and it won't run. it will fire and then shuts down within 2 seconds. checked fuel pump pressure and my gauge says 80 psi. plugs are dry, this morning now the battery shows 12.65 volts and I get nothing from the start stop switch. not even a click. any suggestions? any help would be great. thanks, Rick.

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    Is it normal for there to be a draw on the battery while the ski sits? That would be unusual on the Polaris MSX Webers... but we have different electronics (Bosch vs Walbro?). We have a notorious ignition power-down module (System Interface box, SIFB) that causes problems like shutting off the engine, starting the engine, and/or not powering down the ignition (drains the battery). Do you have anything similar on your system?

    Also... the MSX Webers run at 43.5 psi fuel pressure at idle... and pressure rises with boost... so 59 psi at WOT. Your pressure sounds really high... but I don't know what it is supposed to be.

    With a charged battery... if it's not even turning over anymore... I'd look at the starter relay and/or the start/stop switch wiring to ensure it's working properly. Otherwise could be a bad starter(??).

    Wish I knew more about your ski to help more.


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