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    Looking for gasket material

    Does anyone know what material the 2009 RXT storage compartment gaskets are made out of? The part number is 293250218. It is sold in lengths and used for various gaskets on the RTX body.

    I'd like to know what the material is. I'm betting it is available commercially for considerably less that Seadoo wants.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I can send you a piece I have leftover. It's a foot or two long.

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    Thanks for the offer. I need ~3.5 feet. It would not be worth the effort.

    I am going to try the gray door insulation from Home Depot. It looks and feels the same.

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    I would look into a seal for something like a weathergaurd or delta truck box. It seals my truck box from the elements and is made to stand up to a lot more than anything from home depot

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