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    Frustrated with Virage ... Carb issue? Computer Problems?

    I have a 2000 Model Virage. Was running fine... All of the sudden... unit will not idle. I can keep it "running" if I thread the choke in and out, but she will not idle. I rebuilt the carb twice (just in case) and it still does the same thing. If I pour fuel down the barrel, it runs without the choke having to be played with. I have ordered a new CDI (scheduled to be here later this week) but I am wondering if that could be the problem. Any Suggestions? Anyone have similar experiences with a 2000 Virage?


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    Have you tried adjusting the slow speed screw?3/4 turns out is factory start point.

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    I thought it was 1 3/4 Turns?

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    The CDI is not your issue. If you have to choke it or add fuel, you have a fuel delivery issue.

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    Well... I guess I have more than one problem now... No Spark to the plugs. Battery Voltage is fine.... Aaargh. Where to begin?

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    What model or engine does this ski have?

    What is your battery voltage resting? What is it while cranking? A weak battery will cause a no-spark issue. Do NOT try to jump start the ski or use a charger on the battery with it in the ski. This can damage the CDI.

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