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Thread: Sending unit

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    Sending unit

    I have a Kaw. 1100 STX and have been having trouble with the digital display not showing me what the fuel level is. It will show the oil level and speed but flashes "fuel" at the bottom of the screen and shows no fuel on the guage. I am assuming that this is a sending unit problem. I am new to owning a ski and was wondering how I could switch this part out?


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    Guessing on year this is how to do on an 2000 stx

    Pretty easy
    Hardest part is removing plastic nut holding power switch in. Reach it thru front hatch. I got my to turn by applying force with a very small screwdriver. Then Remove Phillips screws holding glove box. Remove glovebox to access fuel pump. Simple hose clamp to remove. I had to replace them on both of mine

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    I'll give it a try thanks!

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    Thanks I'll give it a try!

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