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    Running hot

    I have an STX 1100 who's fuel guage isn't working. So while riding this past week I opened up the hatch to take a look at the fuel level in the tank. While doing this I noticed steam coming out of the hull. I popped the seat off and there was steam coming from the engine compartment. I touched the engine and the pump pipe and they were both hot. I was quite a ways from a marina so I started up and noticed that the pisser on the side was sending out hot water as well. Please help!


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    Sounds like the water inlet line may be plugged. Pull it off and check it.

    Also, take the hose off the front cover of the engine (stator cover) and blow through the host and the stator. That gets plugged all the time.

    Consider installing a strainer on the water inlet hose.

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    Ha that is awsome, thanks I will be giving that all a try!

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