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    Ultra 300 low boost gauge.

    I have an ultra 300 with 16 hours on it. The boost gauge only goes up to about 12 pounds. It does not seem to be as ballsy as it was but I'm not sure if it is just me getting used to it. Speedo doesn't help because from day one on glassy lake I have never had a top speed reading although it does have 67 mph stored in memory of ecu. My main question is " is the boost gauge accurate . Shouldn't it be buried on top right of gauge? I would appreciate any help you can give prior to my visit to dealer.
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    sounds about right for a stock ski but need more info, need max RPM at WOT (looking at the gauge, not stored data) same with speed but not as important.
    does it hit the speed limiter at WOT, more than likely you have harnessed the extra power you stepped up from

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