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    only running on one cylinder?

    2002 freedom 700. Only running on front cylinder. Compression 125 on both cylinders, new coil and both plugs are firing, just rebuilt carb and installed smallest pop off spring for now and made sure that the accelerator pump is working, installed new reeds, replaced all of the tempo fuel lines and made sure that all of the check valves and lines are clear and put in new bpr8es plugs and all. Why would it only be firing on the front cylinder? Could it be the small pop off spring? It did the same with the middle sized one. I do not have a pop off tester. Is there a chance that therear cylinder could be running rich with a single carb? Started as a bog off of idle and still seems to be there... HELP, please!

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    Could the accelerator pump be squirting only into the rear cylinder causing this?

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    How did you determine it is only running on the front cylinder ?

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    check over ur carb rebuild and fuel routing

    did u pull plug wires when running to see what happen or laser heat gun the head to see which cylinder was hotter, = running

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    Front cylinder plug is dry and tan. Rear cylinder plug is always wet and blackish. Ski runs at about 10 mph until it planes out (if it does) and top speed is 30. If it is only running on one cylinder and my options are replacing stator or CSI, which should I do first? I have instructions on checking stator but they are hard to follow. I would imagine that if it does run on one cylinder that the CSI box would be OK or it wouldn't run at all.

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    I meant cdi box, not CSI. Stupid auto correct!

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