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    buy 2012 FX SHO now or wait?


    I've been a lurker the past few days, now a first time poster. I have a 05 Honda CBR 600rr that I do not ride anymore, and got the wild idea to see what I could get on trade on a new Yamaha. A little background...I have an older Chaparral 18ft bow rider, 09 Yamaha Raptor 700. I'm not new to toys per se, but I'm confused on if I should buy this 2012 FX SHO left over.

    The dealer offered me $5,000 for my bike(which I thought was pretty good for trade in, as it's paid off). They're offering the leftover FX SHO for $11,999 + $230 doc fee + $800 single Shorelander trailer + taxes. So I'm looking at $13,077 OTD - $5,000 on my trade = $8,077 for a 2012 FX SHO leftover.

    I'm located in Oklahoma, so I have about a month and a half left of summer. The reasoning for looking at a ski you may ask... ? The boat is sometimes a hassle with just my girlfriend and I, and I figured we could still stow a bag, and a soft cooler with drinks/food. The ski seems easy to deal with, and fun for me. Which brings me to the point of storage... Is there realistically enough room to stow a bag with a few towels, a few sandwiches with chips, and some drinks?

    What is the consensus, deal or no deal?

    I appreciate everyone's suggestions/opinions.



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    Welcome aboard the hulk..

    With 6 weeks and counting left on your riding season I'd wait till winter and prices will drop and then do the deal.

    Just my 2 cents..

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    I have the 2012 FX SHO and there is more than enough room to take / store the items you are referring to. If you have already made the decision to get off the boat and switch to a Ski, the Ski you are considering is a very good one.

    The only "loose end" I see is if your Girlfriend is OK with switching from a Boat to a Ski? A 3,000 lb power boat and a 1,000 lb Ski will have different riding characteristics. JB

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    I still have the boat, and would probably keep it another year. It may not get as much use though. The girlfriend is worried we won't be able to carry food/drinks to a beach.

    What about the price is it high?


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    I think price is fine. The Ski comes with a 1 year Warranty from Yamaha. You may want to look into getting the extended Warranty too. Only get the "Yamaha" Warranty. Do not get any other Warranty. JB

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    The ski comes with a 3 or 4 year YES extended warranty.

    I appreciate the comments.



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    So you're getting a new leftover FX SHO with 3 yr YES for $8K OTD with your bike as trade. I think that is a good deal. One poster suggested waiting until winter to purchase and obviously the off-season is usually the best time to buy. But in your case since you are trading a bike I suspect if you wait until winter they will want to give you less for your bike as trade so I figure the difference between buying now and waiting to the off-season will be pretty much a push. IMHO.

    I have an '04 FX Cruiser HO and '04 800 XLT and they have plenty of storage for the items you listed. We take the waverunners out to hang with friends for a day when it’s not really feasible or convenient to take out the boat. We load both waverunners with everything we need and the 4 of us (wife, 2 kids and myself) ride over to our friends lake house. Usually the wife and I hang out with our friends on the dock and the kids ride the waverunners in the cove or I pull them on tubes. For us the waverunners are perfect for day trips when we don’t really need the boat. Hope this helps.

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    Thumper... the possibility of trading in my bike is what piqued my interest in a PWC. I like the lake lifestyle more so than riding street bikes at this time. The trade in also puts the price in line with what is doable, as I cringe at the thought of a $13-14k pwc. You can get into a decent/nice used boat at that price point.

    I've sent an email asking about the HIN/VIN number to see if the ski has the updated S/C clutch assembly, since it is a 2012 model. I've also inquired about the pricing since 2014's will be introduced soon, and then we're talking about a 2 year old ski.



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    I talked to the dealer, and they said all of their waverunners in stock have had the recall of updated s/c clutch assembly. Was there a recall on it?

    I tried to get the price of $11,999 knocked down, and they wouldn't budge, I tried getting a cover thrown in and they said no. I found covers on ebay/amazon for under $200.

    Total price = $8,066 OTD with $5k trade in.

    Any other opinions before pulling the trigger?



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    There has not been a recall on the superchargers. Sounds like a sales pitch to me. No dealer is going to install the 2013 clutch in an older one before they sell it. If you have them do it, it is a $1,000 job. They are not going to pay $600 for the parts plus labor costs on a brand new ski. Costs them money and they will not do that. I got lucky on my 2012 FX SHO Cruiser, as it was late year model and came with the 2013 clutch. I have talked to 5 dealers, and not a one knows a single thing about the clutch failures..... Only way to tell is to look at the serial #. If it is 803101 or higher, yours will have the new 2013 clutch in it. Someone verify that for me? Luckily, mine was about the 14th in line that got the new clutch. Ask for the serial and model #. That will tell you it has the clutch in it or not.

    All things considered, that is a pretty good price. Probably find it for a couple hundred cheaper, but is it really worth it?

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