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    Lightbulb Kicker speakers installed on 05 stx-12f

    Here is a video of the speakers that I recently installed on my 05 stx-12f. I haven't seen any videos with them on a 12f so I thought I would share.

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    Post some detailed shots, im looking to make a pod for mine.


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    Nice! Did you custom make the speaker grille?

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    I'll try and get some more pictures tonight. The kit all came together as a package.

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    I think I found something similar here. When you post pics can you include the entire set-up. Thanks.

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    That is the kit there, but mine has the amp and wiring all included. There is another option for that kit. Here are some more pictures of it:

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    Nice! Are you running your iPod to it?

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    I wonder if you can just get the speakers. Since I can't find mirror block-offs anymore, might as well fill the space with sound. I was thinking of running something like this for the amp. Hooks right up to the ipod

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    Sorry, saw re-read the link, I thought the $400 included the amp too. Well maybe ill make some mirror block-offs instead now.

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    Yeah I run my phone/iPod straight to the amp with an aux cord. They make a kit from soggy dog audio that directly replaced the mirror lense and is cheaper. I was going to go with the soggy dog, but got a really good price on these ones.

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