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    2006 sportster intermittant fuel flooded

    I have a 2006 sportster N/A that will intermittently get fuel flooded to the point of not starting. This always happens after its been run for a while and we stop to change skis or something and go to restart the boat. It will crank and not start, cranking shorter amounts of time each time we try to start it. I know it is fuel flooded because I can unplug the fuel injectors and it will start right up. If we stop and start say 10 or 15 times in a day this will happen maybe once or twice. The boat runs great otherwise with no performance issues once its running. I try to use the engine bay blower before starting and let it idle some before shutting it off and that seems to help but we still get an intermittent flooding condition. Plugs are new and always look great after a run with no signs of running rich and it doesn't smoke like its being over fueled. Anyone else ever have this issue? any help would be appreciated.

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    I know if you hold the throttle wide open the fuel and ignition is disabled. When this issue happens are you by chance doing this trying to clear it out? I do this when i drain the oil to get the last bit out of the sump and not worry about the motor firing up. I havnt specifically looked into what sensor disables this, but i assume its the bosch throttle position sensor on the throttle body.

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    yeah i have had this happen sometimes on my boat... easy fix is to pull the back hatch open, hold the throttle body WIDE OPEN and crank for 10 seconds or so... this will push the excessive fuel vapors out of the boat.

    The problem with these boats is the starting system, and when such a condition presents itself it might fire on one cylinder which unbinds the starting mechanism... and the motor doesnt completely fire up... i wish the starter would stay engaged for longer even if it did slightly unbind and you could just crank literally a second or two longer and these issues would never happen.

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    Try replacing the injectors should fix the problem

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    you can try starting it with the map sensor unplugged. see if it starts easier. If it does, change the sensor. you could also have a bad tps or have the tps set wrong in the computer

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