Just over three weeks ago I went to Petchabun, Thailand for round three of the Thailand International Watercross Grand Prix with my dad and Zac. Lets just say this was the most stressful race round I have ever been to, so many things went wrong but I would still not change it for the world as it is all experience. On the Wednesday night the 12th of June we arrived at Bangkok airport, we were picked up by Mr Lek from fifty-nine racing, he took us to a food place were we had some yummy food before heading to a nice hotel to get a good sleep for the next day. On Thursday, the next day we got picked up by Mr Lek and he took us to his lake for some money canít buy experience. I was very lucky to get to ride a B3S...wow that was an amazing ski
Friday morning we were up early and on our way to Petchabun. We arrived at Petchabun at around 1pm, we dropped our bags at the hotel and headed straight to the track for training and registering day only to find Motorfield not there. Motorfield had my ski but hadnít turned up yet, dad gave Sam a call hoping everything was alright, he was busy doing what all businessmen do, looking after a customer at work. The ski didnít arrive till 3am Saturday morning (Race day), I would like to say thank you to Sam and the Motorfield crew for all your help with the ski so far. Luckily Mr Lek let me borrow his ski and I was able to learn the track. Thank you so much Mr Lek for your help and for letting us use the ski. The next day was race day so we headed down to the track at 7 am. Zac was the first race for the day so we had to get my ski up and running as it had finally arrived. Unfortunately we didnít have any 95 fuel at the time so we had to put 100 race fuel in which the stock SXRís donít like. Finally it was my go... I had women's then beginner back to back they went alright we then waited till after lunch to race again. Day one went pretty good I went back to the hotel proud of my first and second motto results. That night we were so tired we just had something to eat at the hotel. I had two mouth fullís of Spaghetti Bolognese and instantly became sick. I was sick all Sunday morning, and went to the track sick My third mottos (first mottos for second day of racing) didnít go the best as I was still throwing up. After my third mottos I put my helmet down on a concrete ledge ready for the last mottos after lunch... When I went and picked it up to put it on my head! I found it covered in spiders and ants! there were so many. I didnít know what to do, I soaked the helmet under water for 5 mins and tried washing them out but nothing seemed to work they were still alive? I had to leave my helmet in the water as it was my turn to go race. I thought I wouldnít be able to but on my way down to the starting line I told Jet and Kylie from Flamingo racing about what had happened and that I couldnít race... with in minutes I had a helmet from one of there other riders Thank you so much for letting me use it! It was a hard next two mottos for both Women's and Beginner, with the fatigue already set in and me feeling sick I went out and raced, I tried my best but they went horrible.
After all the racing I finished 4th out of five in Beginners and 3rd out of five in Amateur women limited! Iím happy with my result and canít wait for next round but it will be very upsetting as itís the last one until December
Thank you to everyone for all your help and Thanks Jettribe for your continued support of my racing