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    Multi Function Display Needed!!!

    I am new to this particular forum but I need a MFD for a 2000 SLH. Part number is 3280134. I know I can get another with a different part number and convert it to the 8 pin model but I thought I would check here first to see if any one has the original.



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    I would not purchase an origional. They all have the same defect, water travels down the button cable and damages the inside. The 8 Pin models are much more reliable.

    Plus (In my opinion) the older ones look better! But I guess to each their own.

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    The MFD on my '00 SLH was blown up when I got the ski, I repinned and replaced it with an older 8-pin that I cut open and repaired so it is nice and clear again. The older displays fade but do not seem to fully fail as often as the newer style ones do. I'd recommend the older 8-pin MFD as well.

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