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    Is something wrong with my OPAS?

    When my handlebars are in the drive perfectly straight position, my OPAS fins (or whatever you call them) do not mirror each other. One sticks out farther than the other. Is this correct, or is something bent, broken, or misaligned? The craft also drifts to one side when the handle bars are straight. It's a 2006 RXP if it matters.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Mine are both out a bit with the handles straight. Same on each side.

    Most of us get rid of them. Block them off. Some call them training wheels.

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    Why would one want them gone and what does blocking off mean?

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    They are pretty much useless in a performance aspect. They cause drag/speed loss and once deleted/removed, it frees up space in the rear of the craft for thru hull exhaust work or extra goodies or secret squirrel stuff... lol
    I think you can adjust them if you're wanting to keep them.

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    How much speed do they cost?

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    Never tested them on gps, I took 'em off and put them in the giant 'stock parts' box'. That box has grown quite large... hmmm
    Prob not much of a restriction on a stock ski (<1mph), but hey, speed is speed. Filling ride plate holes is worth a good 1 mph, but some scoff at it saying, "It's only 1mph, why go to the trouble?" I say, "Well, that's 1 faster than you'll be going..." lol

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