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    Do I have to program my new D.E.S.S Key/Lanyard

    I bought a new D.E.S.S key/Lanyard for my 06 Sportser Do I have to have it programed by my Seadoo dealer? Or are there easy steps to program it myself? Thanks for any info...

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    yes... u need to take it to the dealer... is ur dealer cool? it's a process that takes, oh i dont know.... 84 seconds?

    gotta bring the boat there, they connect the boat to the computer, they open a program, they click learn new key, then click "write data" and then they disconnect ur boat, and that's it.... since you have the key already, ur not buying merchanidize, ur asking for 2 minutes of their time.

    it wouldn't surprise me they try and hammer u like 50 bucks, it happens, it's common, gotta make money off some people... maybe call on the phone ahead of time, tell them ur key needs to be programmed and you have been told by a friend in the business it's a very easy procedure that takes all of a minute, would be be able to help you out, can you offer him lunch or some dunkin donuts or something
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    My Seadoo Dealer Is Realy Cool!

    Actually' yes they are realy nice. They sold me the service manual their cost$ and even took it home with them so I could pick it up a few miles away. When I take the boat up for the recall in a couple of weeeks I'll have them doo it. Thanks for the info and super quick reply.

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