Ok so heres my problem. I went away on vaca for two weeks, throttle operated normally before I left. Went to go out other day and boom throttle wouldnt move at all. I really didnt want to put alot of pressure on the finger grip in fear I might snap the cable. So I went ahead and removed the stinger real quick and disconnected the cable from the actual throttle body. Pulled the finger grip and the cable moved freely so the cable is NOT my problem. Tried moving the bodies themselves and they feel like their binding up from closed throttle to half throttle and then from there on it moves freely to full throttle but will only return to quarter throttle on their own. Then its takes some pressure to fully close them again. Ive searched high and low all over the net and can only find some write-ups on servicing non-serviceable carbs by sleeper_dave. heres the link to it http://www.greenhulk.net/forums/showthread.php?t=69452 . Is this somehow similar to doing it on throttle bodies or just carbs? PLEASE HELP ME im bout to sink this bitch if it keeps giving me problems.