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    2003 Yamaha GP800R No spark

    Hello I have a 2003 Yamaha GP800R with only 25 hours on it. Before the no spark issue the ski ran great. I took the battery out of the ski to put on the trickle charger. Went to put the battery back in the ski and would not start back up. That's when I tested for spark. Since then I have swapped out the coil from my buddy's ski still nothing. Checked the kill switch and all fuses still nothing. Could it be a bad CDI or something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    I don't know if you solved your problem after a month has gone by but here's something to try...

    When you said you checked the kill switch how did you check it? Did you switch the one from your buddy's ski? The "kill" portion is a two circuit switch that handles both the starter relay circuit and the ignition. It is quite common to have the starter function normally and have no juice to the ignition. Do you have a reading on the Multifunction meter (speedo and tach) when you crank it?

    You can take the switch apart and bridge the ignition side of the switch to see if you get anything. Is this a salt water ski? If so, it is possible to have significant corrosion in the switch. When you take it off the handlebars and look inside, is the rubber boot intact on the plunger for the kill portion? If you can see the plunger or the boot is either cracked or gone, I would suspect the switch. Even if the boot looks good, take the kill part out of the housing (one screw) and then take the four screws out of the switch that houses the internal plunger spring mechanism.

    Be vewy, vewy careful as when you take the cover off, the contacts and springs can fly out. you will see two modified "H" shaped copper contacts that are spring loaded to slide across copper contacts. One is for the starter circuit and one is the ignition. Just place something metal across each circuit one at a time an press the starter to see which one is which. If you cross connect the two circuits, you will blow the fuse in your electronics box so be careful. (don't ask my how I know) If there is massive corrosion and or the springs are either missing, broken or just rusted solid, then you are looking at a new switch or getting that one rebuilt. If everything looks good, and when you bridge the ignition side and the starter side and you still don't have a spark when cranking, you now have eliminated the switch.

    Clean the contacts well and apply a small amount of dielectric grease to the contacts (not a lot as the switch can get "grease locked" and not activate with the lanyard). Jet ski solutions will rebuild a switch for 75.00 plus shipping. They will not sell the parts to fix the switch however so they do not get my business. New ones go for 150-180 range, and used ones in the 50-75 range but if you buy a used one, get one from as new a ski as possible. There are a bunch of part numbers but the switch and connectors are the same since 1992 or so. I just plugged one from an 08 FX HO into my 94 vxr and it was identical. Some of the GPR's had an extra ground connector but you can splice the old one into the new switch harness if you can use a soldering iron. Hope you found your problem. Let the forum know what it was.

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    I followed the test in the manual for my 1200 and it ended up being the cdi.

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    It was his CDI, all fixed now

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