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    Oil pressure spring?

    I see in some of the up-grade kits, that includes an oil pressure spring, I`m assuming to up the pressure, is this neccesary if your raising the rev limit by using an RXP ECU?...PR...

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    its not a bad idea on all 03 and early 04 4 tec engines. all later 04 engines and on have them as OEM. its only a 4 dollar part although its a bit of a pain in the ass to install but worth it in my opinion.


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    Where can I find the production date on my 04 GTX SC? Do you know the cut off date? Thanks...PR...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pale Rider
    Where can I find the production date on my 04 GTX SC? Do you know the cut off date? Thanks...PR...

    Look at the plastic black tag on the right rear corner of the ski. (on top where ya would stand). There is a number that would look like ZZN12345B404. The 9th position B, would be the month of production, so B = February and the tenth position 4 is year of production and the 11th and 12 position is the model year.

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    Red Devil: Ok! this is what I read on the HIN: C= March, 4= year, and 04= model year. Sooo Is it safe to assume that the less oil pressure spring is in here? ...PR...

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    the early 04 gtx'c had the plastic pump....the later 04's had the aluminum pump.

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    not to be ignat, but what does that mean? which pump is plastic? oil? How?...PR...

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    the jet pump at the back. some folks call it an impeller housing.

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    Ok, that`s how your telling me if it is an early model, duh! No plastic here, I have the aluminum one. Are you also telling me since I have the alum pump that the upgraded spring is there also?...PR...

    good grief I have to lay off the drinks...LOL...

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    yup...if your machine came stock with an aluminum pump it has the extra spring.
    another way to tell is by model number

    early build 04 gtx sc = model 6160(yellow only)

    late build 04 gtx sc = model 6141(yellow) or model 6143(blue)


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