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    Yamaha 1200 XLT LTD bogging down in the water

    First time post: I have a 1999 Yamaha XLT LTD... last year I installed D - Plate, Wave eater clips, new fuel filter and carb rebuild..This year I launched and it ran great..... Last weekend (filled oil - filled gas with gas treatment), the machine just started bogging down when in the water.. no clog in the intake... compression test was 110 across.... can the carb be clogged up again?? I don't want to be rebuilding the Carb every year!!! what am I doing wrong here - - or what can I be doing better? thanks
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    Did you use a fuel stabilizer?

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    yes. but I did drain the gas over the winter - (I used the gas for my generator during Super storm Sandy). Then refilled with about 5 gal. with Stabile.
    I also began using fuel additive to the premium fuel this year..

    It started on my second tank of gas his season.. I am going to open and clean carbs.. see what I find.. maybe the person I hired last year did not do a good enough job.
    I am also thinking of taking a couple of gallons of fuel from the bottom of the tank..

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    solution found - waverunner bogging down

    Thanks to posts on the web site... my friend and I attacked the carbs.. Carb filters were clogged. First time doing something like this - Local dealer wanted $1,600 - - - it took us 12 hours + parts cost $150.00.... great detailed work instructions on this site... THANKS to all who post results.

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    Good to hear. I have been going crazy chasing an air leak that was causing a lean condition (I thought). Meanwhile, I rebuilt the carbs, and seems like that's all it was. I would say if your ski is running funny, 9 times out of ten, it's the carbs.

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