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    04 freedom new motor instal questions

    I just put a new motor in one of my 04 freedom's. I turned it over for the first time the other day to find that the timing is terribly off and the motor seams to be in there crooked, because when it is running the drive has a pretty bad wobble to it. is there any one who can give me some advise on either of these two problems? Thanks Click image for larger version. 

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    What are you going off of on the timing? It should be good if it was just the motor replaced. For the alignment your simply going to have to loosen the mounting stud nuts and try to get the motor straight. There is an alignment tool that can be bought to get it perfect as well.

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    What exactly do you mean by 'new motor'?

    Did you rebuild the old motor?

    Are you using the same flywheel from the old motor?

    The alignment of the engine to the jet pump is critical, otherwise you will have excessive wear at the driveshaft splines and cause damage. There should be shims under the old motor mounts, did you return those shims to the same locations?

    Even with the old shims and the original motor mounts, it is common to need alignment adjustment after removing and reinstalling an engine. The actual alignment tool is simply a very precise steel shaft machine to fit the drive coupler.

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    The engine self centers laterally when it's installed, so it should be pretty close when its dropped in and bolted down unless something is wrong. Make sure it's sitting on the mounts properly. Final alignment relative to the pump shaft is done by shimming the engine mounts.

    How did you determine the timing is off?

    BTW, ex-Lafayette resident here!

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