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    Gp1200r not running right HELP!!

    Hello all! Ok so bought a 2000 gp1200r (110 hrs) already has D plate installed took it out one day ran awesome all day, took it out again and it fell on its face and shut off, I restarted it as as it started to plane out fell on its face again and then I couldn't get it started. Pulled it outta the water put new plugs in it and it started up again. Jet ski will sit and run in the driveway with the hose. Put it bak in the water and just idled around no problems, as I gave it more and it started to plane out it fell on its face again but I was able to keep it running. Plugs look Black rather then milky brown. Compression is 120 across the board. ANYY help is greatly appreciated. I am trying to trouble shoot this rather then just pulling the carbs apart and that not being the issue, I can imagine that's expensive. I owned a 1200 before that lost 3rd cylinder so I know the insides and taking apart fairly well. Hopefully someone has experienced this and how to fix the issue because I'm lost!!

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    You have some sort of fuel issue going on. I know you said you don't want to do it, but when were the carbs last gone through?

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